Etude House Princess Academy Event

Last weekend, I was able to attend the Etude House Princess Academy. While I am typing this blog entry, I still can’t contain my joy and excitement from the said event – I guess it still lingers until now because I really had fun! Anyway, I was lucky enough to win a two day pass from liking Etude House at Instagram because getting one was a bit hard since it got Sold Out quickly. All you have to do is buy from Etude House and if you reach P500 you’ll be given a ticket. Just that easy! But hard in the sense that, a lot of people wanted to attend, it got sold out in a flash. So yeah, I really consider myself lucky for winning one! I still bought from Etude House when I got my ticket though. Loyal customer here! Haha!

The event happened on July 27-28, and started at 1PM at SM North The Block Atrium. I was only able to attend the Day 2 though, cause I thought my ticket was only good for a day ooops! My bad! 😞

True to it’s promise, Etude House was able to make everyone feel like Princesses. We were all given tiaras to match the event and the place was pink all over – very Etude indeed! Everything from the decor, the food, the drinks, the makeup tools – everything was all in pink! Too bad I don’t have decent pictures to show for the decor. The place was packed with a lot of people I couldn’t find a good one from my camera without a photobomb from a stranger. Next time, I should go earlier than the opening haha. But I was able to snag an uber cute photo with Betsy, the pink car of Etude. Look at her lashes, it sure beats how long mine is!

I started by playing games first! I was only 10 minutes late and yet a lot of people are piling up on lines.

Just look at the line from the first game.. The last game was more packed! I wasn’t able to play the last one which has the bigger prizes 😦 (Another note to self.. Continue even if it seems impossible haha) But I was still able to win alot from the other games.

I first played Style Me Up, wherein magnetic puzzle pieces of MiniMe Be my Princess Perfume were scattered on a box. Then you have to spin the roulette and copy the MiniMe Perfume from there in a span of 30 seconds.. or was it a minute? I forgot! I was really into the game that I felt my heart beat harder after.

Before I proceeded to the next game, I tried to do the Gwiyomi Dance on another booth. It was actually my first time doing this – I thought I should try it at least once in my life! The next game I played was Kiss the Prince where you have to spin the roulette again and kiss Lee Min Ho on tha part where the the spinner landed. Hold your horses! It wasn’t Lee Min Ho in the flesh – just the cardboard Lee Min Ho – but still cute enough to kiss. Other girls were lucky to kiss real life celebrities on their turn in line.

I took a quick break and went to the booth of Tous Le Jours where they served Premium Korean Cherry Macaron and Strawberry Heart Cookies – all in pink! I am thinking of passing by Tous Le Jours tomorrow after doing my errands because I am still craving for those sweets! There was also cotton candy and drinks that go well with the theme.

I tried my luck on other games. Sweetie’s Spin was my favorite one. You will be asked to pick a question and if you got it correct, you’ll be able to spin twice so you get two chances of winning something. Of course I got it correct so I got two prizes.The people from the booth were really kind, they even gave me an extra prize – the Awesome Poresome Freshner just because I pleaded haha. I also tried Bowl of Nails where you’ll be asked a question again which saves you another turn and then you would have to knock out the pins in two tries just like in bowling. Before me in line was this really pretty princess – such a charmer!

Theres another booth called Mirror Mirror where each princess will be given a makeover. I skipped this one since I had makeup on already, and because like the last game, Treasure Room, there were a lot of people in line. But I kept gushing when I saw these pink traincases with LED bulbs all lines up in the area. I really wanted to take home one!

Here is a photo of how many were lining up for Mirror Mirror. I went upstairs with fellow bloggers, Eyah, Gina and Raych for a quick lunch, so we got to take a picture from above. A very long line indeed!

They also put up a Pink Booth where your photo will be taken on a swanky set up just after you’ll be given a makeover. Here’s a photo of me which I stole from Etude hehe. I also wanted to take home the dresser in the background! Such a pretty sight!
The program started with dance performances from Kpop Cover Groups. The whole event was hosted by the lovely, Carla Humphries. All Princesses were welcomed by Etude House’s president, Ms. Andrea Amado.

Princesses were given styling tips by Ryuji Shiomitsu. He gave a run through on items that should be a staple on every girls wardrobe.

There were also a lot of celebrity sightings like Coleen Garcia, Empress Schuck, and Ella Cruz to name a few.

Talks on makeup were given by Bianca Valerio. She talked about CC creams and BB creams and even made demos on makeup. She even gave two of her books away for the audience! Too bad I wasn’t chosen to answer I’ve been wanting to buy her book ever since I saw it at the bookstore but held of cos of my tight budget.

The highlight of the event was the crowning of the second Pink Artiste Winner. I was really happy that 2 out of the three bloggers I know got in the finals. They were all great but of course, one can only be chosen. Here’s Shebby Liquette, Ada Agupitan and Ma. Kyala Christin Opaldo. Their entries were shown on the big screen and they were given a challenge after. They had to do a Glam makeup on their models in a span of 15 minutes! 15 minutes is hard for a glam makeup but they were all able to deliver well.

Shebby was crowned as the New Pink Artiste that evening. I knew it! It was a well deserved title for her since she was still able to do a nice glam look despite not having makeup brushes and her 15 minutes was already running out. She went MacGyver with all the other tools she can do with and improvised. I was really happy I got to take a picture with her and meet her for the first time as well.

I really had fun that evening. How many times did I say that on this entry already? Haha. I was able to bond with other bloggers like Eyah, Raych and Gina.
Heres another photo which I grabbed from Eyah.

I also met other bloggers around but I was really shy around them. Next time, I won’t be shy to approach them anymore since these opportunities are rare anyway.

Of course I didn’t went home empty handed. Aside from the prizes I won that night, they also gave bloggers a loot bag filled with press samples! I was even extra extra extra happy to see that the Wonder Pore Corrector and the newest CC Cream was part of the loot and they were all full sized samples! I really can’t wait to try them all. I’ll be reviewing these items soon!

I really enjoyed the night given by Etude House. Indeed, it is “The Spectacle of Beauty that only Etude House can showcase.” I can’t wait for next year, it will be something I should not miss!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Were you girls able to attend the event too? Leave me a link below so I can check and read them too! 😘


Prom Look #1: The Punk Rock Princess

Smoky Black eyes and nude lips. My #1 choice!
Prom is just around the corner! I have so many regrets during my prom and make up is not an exception. I wish I knew better then! While my make up was okay (color wise), it didn’t last the whole night. I just had my make up done at a local parlor haha. Being the boyish kid at school, I cared less about those things so it didn’t really bothered me as to where I was having my make up done. Because of that, I am making a series of prom looks for the whole month of February (don’t mind the hair! I didn’t have time and the knowledge to fix it haha).
I’ll start with the punk rock look because that was my personality during High school. Just because your aiming for a rocker look, it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with the eyeliner. The best way to stick with the look and avoid looking too goth is to create black smoky eyes. 
For this look, I used colors that range from silver, gray and black to create a nice gradient effect. I only put a little amount of eyeliner just to make my eyes pop, and I mixed a bit of the silver eye shadow on the lower lids to make my eyes open more. One thing I regret during my prom was my brows. It is important to have neat brows and to shape it properly as they are the ones that frame your face. Your brows could make or break your make up. No matter how good your eye make up is, if your brows are not done nicely, your whole make up is next to nothing.
A bright pink lipstick for a more FUN look!

You can stick with the black smoky eyes, but you can wear your lips depending on how you want to be perceived. Normally, I would go for the nude lips (the first picture), it looks more intimate and simple. Really perfect for the prom perse. But if I am aiming for a more fun look, which will be perfect for the after party, bright pink lipstick would be a great bet!

You can change your lip color to Crimson for a BOLD look!
Red lips on the other hand looks really hot. I am not the kind who could pull it off. But if you really want to go for a bold look, then this color is a safe one. But I still prefer to have nano-existing make up when I wear red lipstick. Amazing how lipstick can change your look eh?
More importantly, make sure you use heavy duty make up for this big day, as your make up should last for hours of dancing the night away.
Here are the list of products I used for this look:
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NC30)
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC40)
  • L’oreal Base Magique Primer
  • The Balm’s Time Balm Concealer in Medium
  • Ever Bilena’s Concealer in Ivory
  • Ever Bilena’s Blush in Earth

  • BH Cosmetics 88 Color Neutral Palette
  • Profusion 77 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Pearl (for the Shimmery tones)
  • Maybelline’s Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara
  • Etude House’s Styling Eye Liner (in Black)
  • Eude House’s Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in #02 (not in photo)

  • Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm
  • Revlon Lipstick in Crimson (for the Red lips)
  • Wet n’ Wild Silkfinish lipstick in 511B Nouveau Pink
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda (for Nude lips). Although if you have a more long wearing nude lipstick, I suggest you pick that one up for this last for a few hours only.
So that’s it for now! Will be posting other prom looks too hope you’d be on the look out. This is my way of practicing around make up so please bear with my being amateur haha!
What were your regrets during your prom? 

January Haul: Etude House, Face Shop, Healthy Options and other Drugstorefinds

Hello everyone! I know, I have been missing in action for more than a week now. But, I’m happy to say that I am no longer a bum! Got a new job from a hospital, so technically, I was a bum for almost 3 weeks, just that short. I love my new job right now, my schedule just makes it easy for me to do a lot of things on the side like playing Ultimate Frisbee, going out with friends and my significant other, and of course, updating my blog. Unlike my first job, which was really time constraining, the schedule here is plain awesome – that is if you are on the medical field, but nothing beats having to work on office hours, I must say. I hardly had enough time to spare for myself on my previous job. So, I’m really happy and blessed to have a new job. Plus, I have interns too, which is fun because I used to be an intern myself way back, and now I feel much like an ate (older sister) to them.
Anyway, so much for updating you girls on what I’ve been up to. (As if you are interested haha! I know you are not haha) Okay, I’m just sharing my accumulated purchases last last week. Hope you girls tell me which one’s you want me to review first!
ETUDE HOUSE: Just got this Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Stick which costs around P428 ($9.00). I also bought this Easy Brow Pencil #2 which is around P128 ($2.00). My Drawing Pencil #2 (the retractable one) is always sold out and has little product in it which is why I thought of looking for a replacement that would give out similar results. Will be blogging a comparison soon. I got a free Pearl Extract Mask too!
THE FACE SHOP: This costs P495 for a 35ml product ($10.00). Normally BB creams would cost twice as much. I heard good reviews for this product and it is only one of the few BB creams that cater to dark skin.
HEALTHY OPTIONS: I have been on the look out for and Aloe Vera Gel which would help me create a home made primer and I found one at Healthy Options. This costs around P300 ($8.00) and I am loving it to bits as of the moment. The next one is Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner which is around P300+ ($8.00) for a 16 oz bottle – that’s alot of product and I think it will take me half a year until I finish it. My friend Yona of Your Makeup Call recommended this to me, she gave me a travel sized bottle to see if it works well. Mind you, I have really sensitive skin and so far, the only toner that worked well for me is the one that I get from the Derma, which is a task to buy since my dermatologist is in Pampanga and I am based in Manila. Halfway before I emptied the tiny bottle she gave, I headed to Healthy Options to purchase this biggie for myself. It really works wonders, I am really excited to review and show the before and after pictures to you girls! As you noticed, I have been going gaga over pore reducing products lately.
REVLON: These are gifts from my cousins. It was actually a part of a set and I’m happy they gave three shades to me.

WATSON’S: Here’s what I bought in this humble drug store. First is Jazzy’s Eyebrow Gel, a really good dupe of Mac Boy Girl. This costs P299 only! Really cheap! And you only need a tiny portion of this product to tint your brows well. I am eyeing a lot of Jazzy products right now, they seem to work well as heavy duty make up that  only costs a portion from the high end brands I know. I also bought a Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush which is less than P600 ($3.00). Bought random things too like this Celeteque Dermo Science Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash and this razor for shaping my brows from Fashion21.
LANDMARK: When I went to Landmark, I checked the Artist Studio Brushes that was available unfortunately, most of the big brushes were out of stock. I was left with these ones. Foundation brush ( 49.75), angled eye shadow brush (49.75) and a medium eye shadow brush (P79.75). So far, the foundation brush and medium eye shadow brush works well, the angled eye shadow brush sheds like crazy. I should have checked it before purchasing. 
SM DEPARTMENT STORE: I am really fond of organizing make up. One of my favorite places to shop for them is on the Office Supplies section of the Department Store. You might think: What the hell is that folder holder for? I will be using this one to hold my palettes! Good thing it only costs P149.75! I am really a cheapskate!
That’s all for now girls! I know it’s just a random haul, but I can’t post a haul with only a few products in it that’s why I just put all my purchases together from different stores to one post. 

Small Korean Haul

Sadly my planned trip to Korea did not push through this year. So to make up for it, my older sister who still went there bought me stuff that I could add to my beauty loot and masks that would last me a year. YAAAAAY!

TADA!!! Just look at that chunk of facial mask from Baviphat

My favorite! The beauty blender dupe from Etude house! (Baby Doll)
Would you believe that this is for trimming your nose hair? But I use it for trimming my brows πŸ™‚
Another one from Etude house: The Mascara remover! No more squirrel eyes the morning after!
Liquid Eyeliner from Nature Republic. It’s good for people with oily skin like me!
The Egg Pore Blackhead out Oil Gel from Tony Moly

I asked her to buy me a foundation pot from VOV and a BB cream from Missha, unfortunately they don’t have the shade that matches my very dark… (scratch the dark there) my very tan skin (ehem!)

The reason why I want to shop for cosmetics in Korea is because of their generosity to customers. Just look at the freebies my sister took home for me! HOORAY for more masks!! I wish the stores here in the Philippines would do the same. Missha and Beauty Credit give out freebies only if you purchase stuff from them. The rest don’t give out anything at all.

My “pasalubong” with all the freebies Koreans give

I’d love to know your favorite Korean brandsand products. Comment away girls!

The Look: Miss Tangerine

After coming home from a department store make up haul I tested the products I bought, and then one thing led to another. So, since it is SUMMER already here in the Philippines, I made a look inspired by (drum roll please..) what else but the beautiful sunsets we have here. I have been meaning to make a video tutorial for this one, but since I am still starting with this whole blog thing (and I am still learning the ropes) I think this post will do for now.

For the Face:
Olay Touch of Foundation
Ever Bilena Advance concealer in Velvet Nude
Maybeline Clear Smooth Face Powder in Honey
e.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

For the Eyes:
Ellana Mineral Primer
DuWop doubleglow 7
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour
BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette (1st ed.)
BH Cosmetics Gel Liner in Onyx
Maybeline’s Volume Express Mascara

For the Lips:
Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm
NYX Round Lipstick Orange Soda
BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette (1st ed.)

1. Apply a dot like amount of Olay Total Effect’s w/ Touch of foundation on the face followed by Ever Bilena’s Advance concealer on the under eye area and on places where there is a need for concealing.
2. Put Ellana’s Mineral Primer on the eye lids.
3.While allowing your skin to absorb the primer do your brow’s by shaping them with Etude house’s Drawing pencil and shading it with IN2IT’s eyebrow colour. Use DuWop’s doubleglow 7 to highlight the lower brow line. (any highlighter/ shimmer eyeshadow will work too)
4. Apply a matte yellow eye shadow on the inner lids of the eye up to the inner half. Use a matte orange color for the outer half and a red orange shade for the crease then blend to your heart’s content.
5. Line the eyes with a a black gel liner on top. With the use of the yellow eyeshadow, line it also at the bottom.
6. Highlight the cheeks (e.l.f. Contouring blush & bronzing powder) define the jaw line by contouring it with a decent bronzer.
7. Apply lip balm on the lips to soften it and swipe on your favorite Nude Lip shade. (NYX Orange Soda) Dab your matte orange eyeshadow and VOILA! You already get the look of MISS TANGERINE!

Feel free to ask and comment away. This is my first blog post so show some love! =)