Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

20130730-230337.jpgCall me overrated, but I love MAC! As the saying goes, “Once you go MAC, you’ll never go back”. This applies to me on both cosmetics and gadgets, as both brands gained iconic statuses and I have been part of the cult. It would be a shame not to do a review of my most reached pot of concealer, given the superstar status it earned from many makeup kits of beauty gurus. And yes, while it has been raved by many, it also received reviews of rants on others. Thankfully, this product worked well with me! It would be so painful if it didn’t considering the fact that it is on the pricey side.

I’m sure a lot of you girls read reviews about this, so I am just making this a quick one to read. So let us move on to the review shall we?20130730-230354.jpg

MAC Studio Finish concealer is encased in the usual MAC black packaging similar to their eyeshadows in shape and style. It is a creamy concealer, that provides medium to heavy coverage. I bought the shade in NW35 because it suits my skin well. If you are confused with MAC’s tones, NW stands for neutral warm, and NC is for neutral cool. NW are more for those who have pink/red undertones – which is why I chose this more for concealers because those tones are better for under eyes than NC’s. NC’s on the other hand are for those who have yellow tones, more of like those with olive and beige skin tones. My foundations are in NC’s while I opt for the NW shade for this concealer pot for the purpose of my dark circles, and since I always have hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun exposure from sports – this pot just neutralizes everything.

20130730-230347.jpgThe pot may look tiny but it contains 7 grams of product, and so far, I haven’t hit the pan yet. ( I have this for four months already and this is my most used concealer). It may look scary on the pan because it is a tad bit darker but don’t fret because it looks different when swatched. It is best to ask someone from MAC to know your shade better. After all, this is kinda like an investment piece of makeup so you have to be right in all proportions when choosing.20130730-230404.jpg

I made a few swatches here. You may notice that when swatched heavily, it looks darker than my skin tone  just like on the pan. But it looks really nice and even when blended out already. Most of the concealers I own are lighter, more on the medium tone. This is the only dark concealer that I have and it really comes in handy because my skin always gets darker be it summer or not because I play sports. By that, I am perpetually tanned which makes me and this concealer a perfect team.



PRICE: I bought mine for P700, but you may also purchase this one from MAC stores around P900.

AVAILABILITY: This was purchased from Makeup Pro QC. I just love the fact that I can save up a few hundreds when buying makeup since it is really cheaper here. It is also available on MAC counters nationwide.20130730-230441.jpg


  • Shade is always out of stock
  • A bit above the budget for a concealer, I find it a bit pricey on our local MAC counters. Thank God for Makeup Pro though!
  • Unhygienic since it is contained in a pot (double dipping)
  • May produce a white cast in photographs because it contains SPF


Since I am extra happy about this product, I made an effort by posting a picture on what I love about this product. Indeed, what’s not to love about MAC eh?



I am giving this product a 4/5. It has a buildable coverage, but since I am paying a hefty amount for this little pot, I expect it to have heavier coverage. One that doesn’t require a lot of work when applying – it saves time that way. But it is still a great product, nevertheless. Will I repurchase? If I empty this pot I guess I will since its hard to find something of similar shade when it comes to concealers. On the other hand, I am thinking of trying the Full Coverage foundation since they say it is similar with this baby, sans the SPF 35 – which is good for photography, and it contains more product for a reasonable price. By the way, the caking and creasing all depends on how you apply concealer so always apply in moderation. It helps to set it too especially if you have oily skin like me.

So that’s it! I’d love to know your favorite concealer girls! Tell me about it by hitting a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

  1. i have my mac concealer w/c i bough from mac moa at P1000. it’s an nc30. will i repurchase? no, coz i think my fanny serrano concealer does the same job or even better for my undereye dark circles.

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