Sigma Brush Haul from Makeupholics


I finally caved in and bought the Mr. Bunny Essentials Kit from Sigma! I’ve been wanting to have this kit for ages, so when I saw the great deal from Makeupholics I quickly grabbed the chance! Makeupholics is a trusted online store for Sigma brushes and other cosmetics like Mememe, Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal, Milani and the like. This is actually the third time that I purchased from Makeupholics. A few months ago, I bought the New Synthetic Kabuki Kit from them, which was also an equally good deal because I got them at 20% (See haul here) I’ve been holding back with the Mr. Bunny Essentials since it’s a bit over the budget. But, when Ms. Melanie of Makeupholics posted that, there would be a free New Synthetic Precision Kit I went ballistic! I knew I just had to have it!

Original Price at Makeupholics:
Mr. Bunny (P5700)
New Synthetic Precision Kit (P3100)

Price at Sigma:
Mr. Bunny Essential Kit ($120/around P5200)
New Synthetic Precision Kit ($65/around P2800)

The Sigma Brushes from Makeupholics has a P300-P500 difference compared with Sigma itself. The price difference isn’t so bad since you’ll end up paying more if your gonna have it shipped here in the Philippines. Plus, among all the Sigma sellers I’ve seen online locally, Makeupholics still has the cheapest price.

I was lucky enough to avail the free New Synthetic Precision Kit though, which is really a great value because I only spent P5700 instead of P8800 for both sets. If we are to do the math, I got both sets for a price thats even cheaper than Sigma itself! Plus, Ms. Melanie was kind enough to give me a 10% discount on my next purchase.


The package was bubble wrapped and shipped properly. Pamphlets of Sigma were given too. Just when you thought you got all you need from Sigma, the pamphlets would leave you coveting for more! This is a bad sign! Haha I really love Makeupholics’ new packaging now because they included this pink eco bag which went well with the whole package.


I’ll be giving you girls a full review on each brush set including the New Synthetic Kabuki Kit I got a few months back. (I know I owe you a review on that! πŸ˜‰)

Just another shopping tip, always be on the lookout for great sales at Makeupholics. They always have great deals popping up every once in a while so you better keep an eye on that!

Please check and like their facebook account here for more updates: Makeupholics Facebook Page

To ease you with browsing you may check their site here from infinitely: Makeupholics at Infinitely


2 thoughts on “Sigma Brush Haul from Makeupholics

  1. Hi dear! It’s you I saw sa event at Etude last sunday right. Sabi na you seem familiar! Nice to see you there but wasn’t able to take a photo with you.

    Anyway, I also love sigma. BF bought me the Make Me Classy one which is I think similar to this Mr. Bunny but the bristles’ colors differ. So lucky you got the precision kit for free! πŸ˜€ I also purchased from Makeupholics before and Ms. Melanie is really nice πŸ™‚

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