REVIEW: e.l.f. Fuchsia Fusion Blush (Nars Angelika Dupe)

I’ve always wanted to own blushes from Nars. While my budget can’t permit me to have one just yet, I resort to dupes that would give close results to the cult blush I’ve been coveting for ages. In my search for those dupes, I stumbled upon e.l.f.’s Fuchsia Fusion which resembles closely to Nars’ Angelika.

Price: $3.00
Availabiltiy: Bought this one from ULTA but it is available on most drugstores in the US. Here in the Philippines, a few online shops carry them as well.
What the geek say’s:
Fuchsia Fusion is a cool toned, pink blush with glitters on it. Yes, glitters! I initially got scared with the glitters since I know it might accentuate my pores. I almost thought of giving this blush away. But I tried using a stippling blush with it and it gave favorable results.

The blush looks like that when heavily swatched. Yes, it has a lot of glitters. But contrary to what others say (about making you look like a walking disco ball with all the glitters), this blush didn’t look like it when applied correctly. It did emit a bit of shimmer, but not the kind that would make you shine bright like a Cullen.

Packaging wise, e.l.f. has a black, plastic container with a window that makes you see through the blush color. While it may be similar to Nars visually, the later is made with rubber, and doesn’t have a window in it making it look more sturdy and appealing. e.l.f also contains less product weighing 2.75g while Nars has 4.8g – almost twice the amount of product.

They appear almost alike in the pan, but you would notice closely that the e.l.f. blush has larger glitters on it. It has a cool pink tone. Highly pigmented in my opinion, only a bit too chalky unlike Nars.

When swatched, the two look alike. e.l.f. Was able to copy the shade of Nars Angelika. Like I said earlier, it was just a bit powdery.

I’ve only tried Nars from the counters, which is why I couldn’t tell much apart other than the physical appearance that I googled images from the world wide web. All Nars photos are not mine, you may notice that the watermark is just on the e.l.f. blush and not on the side of Nars.

Longevity: Lasted 3-4 hours with me.

• Not locally available on e.l.f. counters in the Philippines
• Too chalky – a lot of product gets wasted when I brush a bit from it.

• It may appear like a glitter bomb in the pan, but it looks wearable as long as you apply it correctly.
• Really cheap, it only costs a fraction of a Nars blush – a good alternative if your short for cash to buy the real one.
• Doesn’t break me out.

The Verdict:
It’s a perfect dupe for me. But that doesn’t mean I’d resort with this one already. I might repurchase, but I’d like to get my hands on Nars first.

Here’s how it looks like on me, and a few more photos of the product:





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