Acrylic-holic! Cheap Acrylic Case Haul!

I have the habit of checking out Saizen whenever I am at the mall. I don’t know why, but I always feel the need to check the store cause they might have something great hidden around. Some days I end up with nothing while on other days I come home with a heavy bag. I guess I was lucky a few days back. For the longest time, I have been in search for cheap acrylic holders. I bought a few ones that I fancied but it seems that I can’t get enough! Maybe it is the O.C. in me that makes me continue with the search for perfect makeup containers.
We all know that products from Saizen range from P66-P88. Given that I have been talking about Saizen from the start of this blog post, it is no surprise that I was able to snag these acrylic holders from the said store. But whats surprising is that, I bought each for only P44.00 You read that right! They were all on 50% OFF! It almost cost me a dollar a pop! Lucky me right? So I hoarded a bit to give my make up nook a well deserved makeover!

These acrylic holders are all stackable. They come in different shapes and sizes. This first photo for instance is deep enough to hold nail polishes, foundations, etc. upright.

This round one is perfect for holding your makeup brushes. You have the choice of taking the dividers away but, I opt to keep mine to help my brushes stand upright instead of using my old beads from my Sephora inspired brush holder.

Another great thing is that they come in different finishes. I chose the perforated ones because they look more sturdy than the smooth ones.

And again, you may stack them as you please! I was able to purchase these acrylic holders from Saizen Robinson’s Galleria. I checked other Saizen outlets but they don’t have them on sale. Boo! 😦
Anyway, I hope this post helped those who are looking for cheap acrylic holders. Happy shopping girls! 🙂

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