Review: Beauty Credit’s Lovely Q10 Make Up Base

I started my year with a Korean Cosmetics Haul from Beauty Credit (seen in this post) and this Lovely Q10 Make Up Base is one of the best purchases I got there. I’ve been using it for almost a month now and I think it deserves a review..
Beauty Credit is a Korean skincare and cosmetics brand that is developed by Somang since 2004. It has almost 180 outlets around the world including major cities like New York, L.A. and etc.
As much as I want to say what the product really says, I cannot, because it is written in Korean. Sorry girls! Been trying to search the site for an english translation on the ingredients and I couldn’t seem to find one. Will update it if ever I get to that!
This product is a Matte base with SPF 18. It came in two shades: Green and Purple. I have with me the latter. Colored bases are used to neutralize the flaws that our skin have before continuing with foundation. Let’s go back to the color wheel that we were thought during pre-school. We have to remember what comes opposite at color wheel to help us remember how to neutralize colors. For instance you see three concealer shades in Green, Purple and Orange. Green will be used to neutralize any redness, Purple is used to brighten yellow undertones, and Orange – the opposite of Blue in the color wheel will be good for under eye circles. It also came in two types which is matte and moist. I chose matte because I have combination skin. 
Aside from having SPF, this make up base has Q10 – a coenzyme (ubiquinone) which is a cutaeneous anti-oxidant. Q10 is present in our cells and helps provide energy for cells to regenerate. However, as one ages, this coenzyme depletes as well. Since Q10 is an antioxidant, free radicals become neutralized. The skin is our first defense in our body. Just think about the many external factors that could contribute negative effects in our skin like too much exposure to the sun – these are considered as free radicals that may damage our skin. But, for it to regenerate, we need the coenzyme Q10 to help it repair. A lot of cosmetics and skincare use the advancement of science to help improve their products. Suffice it to say, aside from this product being a make up base alone, it also has properties that help skin improve while using it. Creating a flawless canvass and repairing your skin – that’s hitting two birds in one stone.
I love the emblem! Very chic packaging!
CONTENT: 40 ml
PRICE: Originally costs P400 ($10.00) but I bought it for P200 ($5.00) only
AVAILABILTIY: I bought this from a trip to Subic but, it is also available at SM Mall of Asia and SM Cubao Department Stores.
Comes in a pump bottle! Very hygienic!
  • It leaves a white cast on the face because of the spf.
  • Not easily available. Only select Watsons outlet have it.
  • If you are sensitive with scents this may not be good for you as it has a slight musk scent.
  • ‘Matte’ wasn’t spelled correctly,but a lot of Korean cosmetics have that glitch anyway.
Ooops! I pumped too much! A little goes a long way.
  • Packaging! I really love the packaging especially the embossed rocking horse on the cap. It looks very classy.
  • A little goes a long way. You just need a pea sized (sometimes even smaller) amount to cover your whole face.
  • It gives out a matte finish and makes my make up last longer. My face usually gets oily around 4 hours when I have make up on, but when I am using this, it stays matte for up to 8 hours. 
  • It helps even out discolorations in my face and brightens it up as well.
I posted swatches of the product below. Consider yourself warned! I used the back of my hand for swatches. You may notice that it is lighter for my tone. I had been playing under the sun for the whole month which is why I am sun kissed or rather sun burnt all over. If you fear that it might give you espasol face (the kind where you wear too light foundation) all you have to do is pick a foundation that is a notch darker than your skin tone. 

Spreads easily

But it becomes matte after
(Been playing ultimate frisbee thats why my skin tone is too dark)
How it looks like with foundation. I used the Lovely Tang Tang Skin
cover for this one. Its better to use a darker shade of foundation though.

It is Super Sale Bazaar Once Again!

It is SUPERSALE BAZAAR once again!! Are you all excited?? Have you all saved up for it? If you did, then good for you! If not.. remember, it is pay day on the 28th! Just in time for you to splurge on this event! Believe me, it is worth it, for many of your suki online shops will be on SALE!!
I was not able to attend the last SuperSale bazaar because I was so busy and I regret it. I had a friend buy stuff that I needed there because they all have great discounts that are too hard to pass up. That is the reason why I am yearning for this one now. 
I was really excited to receive this flyer when a package was sent to me from my most recent Multiply transaction. Aside from looking for great make up finds, it is also the right time to search for the perfect swimwear as summer is fast approaching!
It is up to 90% on selected items so this has got to be a great one! I really can’t contain myself from all this excitement!
March 1-3
10 am – 9 pm
World Trade Center
See you ladies hauling around!

Sale Alert: Garnier’s Buy 1 Take 1 Promo

Duplicates!! Stocked up on the BB roll on and Facial Wash!
I was strolling around Watson’s two days ago shopping for toiletries. As I was about to have all my items punched I saw a tiny sign on Garnier’s Facial Wash that say’s BUY ONE TAKE ONE! I immediately asked the cashier if I would still be able to cancel out the facial wash that I originally bought and have it replaced with this one. When I came closer to the rack, I saw that all the Eye Roll On’s were also on a Buy 1 Take 1 Promo. Without thinking twice I got the BB Eye Roll-on that I have been eyeing since forever. Turns out, all Garnier products are all on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo until the end of February or until supplies last. This chance is hard to pass up since Garnier is a good skin care brand.
Lotions and toners
I took photos of the display using my phone. Imagine, this was in front of the whole store and I manage to just pass by. Good thing I saw it before I checked out all the items I bought. 
Eye Roll-on
Among the products they offer, the best buys (in my opinion) would be the BB Eye Roll-on, The Toner, Lotion and the Mask. The offer is only good for Watson’s outlets only.
Face powders, masks, facial wash

I’m actually thinking of coming back haha! The promo is just too great to pass up! You girls have until the end of February to avail of this offer. What Garnier prodcuts have you tried so far? I’d love to know!

For more updates you may like the official Facebook page of Garnier Philippines.

Shop Feature: Womanity and my Small Wet n’ Wild Lipstick Haul

Remember my Wet n’ Wild lipstick review last month? I pre-ordered a few shades from my favorite lipstick shop, Womanity and got them already last week.

Like I said on my previous post, Womanity has the cheapest price in Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipstick among all the online shops I know. Here in the Philippines, Wet n’ Wild products don’t come cheap. I mean, they are cheap but it is insanely over priced! You could buy them for thrice as much as how it originally cost in the US. The Megaalast Lipsticks retail for P299 at our local malls here in the Philippines, but Womanity reatils it for P165 – that is almost half the price compared to those that are offered at the mall. And if you order 4 lipsticks you also get discounted! So, I got mine for P152 only plus a P50 handling fee because I met up with Fae, the owner of the store since it is more convenient for me. Roughly, it costs less than $4.00 which isn’t so bad when your buying it here in the Philippines.

Aside from having the lowest price on Wet n’ Wild lippies, the owner Fae, is also very easy to deal with. It is not hard to trust her and she is very accommodating. I really can’t wait to purchase more shades from her – but yeah, I have to wait for payday as I have spent so much already these past few days. And yes, I have to review these shades too, before I go on and purchase a new batch.
L-R: Bare it all, In the Flesh, Sandstorm, Mauve Outta Here

I bought the safe colors first. I am the type who really can’t pull of very bold lip color, to be honest. But, I think I will get there soon. My favorite among all the shades I bought would be In the Flesh, it is really perfect for every day use. Bare it all is a nice Nude lip color, it doesn’t appear to be too ashy or pale when used. Will be doing an in depth review of each of these, hope you are just as excited as I am!

Sigma Brushes (on Sale) from Makeupholics

Hi everyone! Happy Valentines Day!! Technically, this is not considered a haul since I only bought one set, but I just wanted to share my first experience with Makeupholics because this shop deserves a review too!
A lot of you heard of Multiply’s “TWENTY-OFF” promo. I was so eager to put this promo to good use until I stumbled to Makeupholics’ site. This site isn’t new to a lot of you girls, I know. But what can I do? I was always the type who was hesitant when buying online – which is why I turned out as a late bloomer when it came to online shopping. But because this is a trusted seller, I did not hesitate to shell out for these babies:
Yes! I finally bought my first ever Sigma Brush Set! I was almost about to settle with a dupe that costs less but with the great offer this store and Multiply offered, I added it in my cart in a heartbeat. Nah just kidding! I had to compute first (Yes! I am miss frugal). But my computations convinced me to buy this set because it was even cheaper compared to buying it on the site of Sigma. Curious on how much money I spent? 2,929 PESOS ONLY!!! Great bargain!! That’s around $69.00 only. Shipping fee is already included in the quotation. Originally, this costs P3600 at Makeupholics and $76.00 at Sigma. Since I live here in the Philippines, it is costly to buy directly at Sigma because of the shipping fee. You really have to find a good and trusted affiliate or have your Sigma brushes delivered to friends/relatives who reside in U.S. and wait for them to come home and hand it to you. Multiply’s TWENTY-OFF code is amazing! 
I got the package earlier than expected! I placed my order during Thursday, paid for it on Friday and got it in the mail on Tuesday morning. Orders arrive after 3 ‘working’ days upon payment has been settled. I got mine a day and a half after!
It packed safely with bubble wrap so you don’t have to worry about bent ferules and the like. They even gave a free brush (not in picture) which I didn’t know about. This set was a good deal per se, I didn’t expect it could offer much more. Thank you Makeupholics for this wonderful offer!
Makeupholics also sell brands from Urban Decay, Revlon, Milani, MeMeMe, BarryM, Beauty UK, Models Own, Maybelline, Wet n’ Wild, Sephora and Pop Beauty.
Make sure to check the site often because they have their own sales which can be combined with the codes Multiply offer. Yes! You get a double wammy bargain with that!
This set includes the following brushes from top to bottom –  F80: Flat Kabuki, F82: Round Kabuki, F84: Angled Kabuki, F86 – Tapered Kabuki and F88 – Flat Angled Kabuki.
OVERALL: I am really happy for the service Makeupholics gave. It was really impressive, coming from an online shop who has a lot of customers to begin with. It was also really easy placing an order and using the codes. I give Multiply a big thumbs up on that one too. I will surely buy my next set of Sigma brushes to this shop again! Mr. Bunny/ Make me Classy, you are on my list! But for now, I have to rest my wallet for the damage first!

Review: Nu-pore Make-up Remover (Cleansing and moisturizing tissues)

Nu-pore make-up remover cleansing and moisturizing tissues.
Hello!! Sorry for being MIA, my dog Hoshi has been really sick lately and his case is fatal, which is why I can’t sit and update my blog because I have to take care of him (we take turns here in the house) the moment I come home from work and I also take him to the vet every now and then to have certain procedures done. I hope you girls pray for his speedy recovery because he is like family to us already. We’ve had him for 6 years now – and he is my favorite pet among all the dogs I had. Dogs are really man’s best friend! I really pray that he gets well soon. I even used most of my make up school tuition just for the bills at the vet, but it’s okay because I can’t afford to loose him anyway. I have to sacrifice the delay of enrolling to make up school and save up again for him.
Now that he is getting a little bit better, I have time to spare to do a short review. For tonight, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about NU-PORE Make-up Remover Cleansing and Moisturizing Tissues. 
Taking away your make-up at the end of the day could be a bit of a task. Good thing cleansing tissues were made to ease up this task.
Price: $1.39 around P50
Availability: I bought mine from Puregold Subic Bay Freeport Zone here in the Philippines. This may be available in most supermarkets overseas.
Quantity: 30 5.5 x 7.9 inch (14×20) Tissues

Made in Korea! Hmm That’s why it made my skin soft and improved
it’s elasticity.

Nu-pore cleansing and make-up remover tissues thoroughly remove eyeliner, shadow, lipstick and blush – even waterproof mascara – without irritation.

You feel a dramatic difference after just one use and continued use of Nu-pore cleansing and make-up remover tissues works to tighten pores, keeping skin looking and feeling smooth, soft and moisturized.

Ingredients: Water, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, SD Alcohol 40-B, Polysorbate 80, Disodium Cocoamphiodiacetate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Allantoin, Panthenol, Cucumber Extract, Butylene Glycol(and)Water(and)Protulaca Oralcea Extract, Glycerin(and)Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Citric Acid, Fragrance
It has a tab that reseals so as not to dry the tissues.

It is common knowledge that make up should be removed at the end of the day to prevent clogged pores and break outs. There are many kinds of cleansers in the market, but the advantage of this one is it is a one-step process compared to the others. You just have to pull out one tissue and wipe it all over your face. The product is really moist and has a light fragrance. It did take away my make up from heavy foundation to waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Although you have to apply more pressure when wiping out the waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It did moisturize my face after, you won’t be needing to wash your face after with your ordinary cleanser as some make up removers require. It left my face softer and improved my skin’s elasticity, the moisture of the wipes is similar to some collagen masks I know, only it is easily absorbed by the skin.
I used all my heavy make up: MAC foundation, waterproof mascara etc.
It did a great job in wiping them all away!
  • Hard to find locally.
  • Needs more pressure when wiping hard to remove make up like mascara and eyeliner.
  • Very easy to use and it is good for those who are always on the go.
  • Cheap, considering how much the product delivers.
  • Easily removes heavy foundation.
  • Leaves my skin soft and healthy.
  • Did not irritate my skin.