Prom Look #1: The Punk Rock Princess

Smoky Black eyes and nude lips. My #1 choice!
Prom is just around the corner! I have so many regrets during my prom and make up is not an exception. I wish I knew better then! While my make up was okay (color wise), it didn’t last the whole night. I just had my make up done at a local parlor haha. Being the boyish kid at school, I cared less about those things so it didn’t really bothered me as to where I was having my make up done. Because of that, I am making a series of prom looks for the whole month of February (don’t mind the hair! I didn’t have time and the knowledge to fix it haha).
I’ll start with the punk rock look because that was my personality during High school. Just because your aiming for a rocker look, it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with the eyeliner. The best way to stick with the look and avoid looking too goth is to create black smoky eyes. 
For this look, I used colors that range from silver, gray and black to create a nice gradient effect. I only put a little amount of eyeliner just to make my eyes pop, and I mixed a bit of the silver eye shadow on the lower lids to make my eyes open more. One thing I regret during my prom was my brows. It is important to have neat brows and to shape it properly as they are the ones that frame your face. Your brows could make or break your make up. No matter how good your eye make up is, if your brows are not done nicely, your whole make up is next to nothing.
A bright pink lipstick for a more FUN look!

You can stick with the black smoky eyes, but you can wear your lips depending on how you want to be perceived. Normally, I would go for the nude lips (the first picture), it looks more intimate and simple. Really perfect for the prom perse. But if I am aiming for a more fun look, which will be perfect for the after party, bright pink lipstick would be a great bet!

You can change your lip color to Crimson for a BOLD look!
Red lips on the other hand looks really hot. I am not the kind who could pull it off. But if you really want to go for a bold look, then this color is a safe one. But I still prefer to have nano-existing make up when I wear red lipstick. Amazing how lipstick can change your look eh?
More importantly, make sure you use heavy duty make up for this big day, as your make up should last for hours of dancing the night away.
Here are the list of products I used for this look:
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NC30)
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC40)
  • L’oreal Base Magique Primer
  • The Balm’s Time Balm Concealer in Medium
  • Ever Bilena’s Concealer in Ivory
  • Ever Bilena’s Blush in Earth

  • BH Cosmetics 88 Color Neutral Palette
  • Profusion 77 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Pearl (for the Shimmery tones)
  • Maybelline’s Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara
  • Etude House’s Styling Eye Liner (in Black)
  • Eude House’s Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in #02 (not in photo)

  • Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm
  • Revlon Lipstick in Crimson (for the Red lips)
  • Wet n’ Wild Silkfinish lipstick in 511B Nouveau Pink
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda (for Nude lips). Although if you have a more long wearing nude lipstick, I suggest you pick that one up for this last for a few hours only.
So that’s it for now! Will be posting other prom looks too hope you’d be on the look out. This is my way of practicing around make up so please bear with my being amateur haha!
What were your regrets during your prom? 

2 thoughts on “Prom Look #1: The Punk Rock Princess

  1. Do you have a review for the EB concealer? :)Oh and I nominated you for the one lovely blog award. 🙂 The link is here if you want to know more about it!!!xx,FMWL

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