I am Benefit’s Guess Who Winner!

They say good things come when you least expect it. I’m more of a person who believes in the Law of Attraction, so when I want something badly, I expect for good results already and they happen. This incident might change my mind though.

A few months back, I was browsing my news feed at Facebook and I saw this contest from Benefit Philippines. You have to guess a certain celebrity (whose faces are covered) on the pictures that they posted. Bored as I was at work, I tried my luck in guessing up to the last picture that they posted:

I was sure to myself that it was Bianca Valerio! With those long legs and ombre’ hair, it’s not hard to miss out on that one. Okay, it was hard, I am just a fan I guess! Haha! She’s one of the local make up artists I look up to that was why it wasn’t hard for me to guess this one. (PS. All my guesses to the other celebrities were all wrong! I just got lucky!)
I wasn’t expecting anything after this one. I enjoyed the guessing game so much that I forgot it was a contest. A few weeks after, they posted the winners and boy was I sooooo SHOCKED to see my name on it! By the power of random selection and correct guessing I was chosen! As the saying goes – “Great things DO come when you least expect it”.
The moment I got back to Manila, I hurriedly went to their main office to claim my prize, which is a full sized BATHINA!
I’ve always wanted to have one! Thank you Benefit Philippines!! I would also like to give special thanks to Ms. Paula Arevalo of Benefit Philippines for arranging this giveaway. You don’t know how much it shook up my holiday (in a good way of course!). I am terribly sorry for not being able to thank you personally, but really this made me happy! And thank you so much for this one!
I’ll be doing a review of this soon, I hope you girls would wait for it. For the mean time, you could read my post about how to spot a fake coralista box o’ powder. A bit lengthy, but it is worth a read because there are so many fake Benefit products out there who claim to be authentic. My two cents for you girls is to buy from Benefit boutiques, here is a list of their stores here in the Philippines:
– Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati
– Rustan’s Shang-rila
– Rustan’s Makati
You may also like their facebook page: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines for updates. I am sure, they have more giveaways in store for you girls!
I really dream of working in here. I am even willing to trade my geeky job for make up! Haha! I did try my luck by joining their internship contest but I didn’t got in and I also wasn’t able to send my CV and schedule, so it was really a big miss. Boo me! But hey that won’t stop me from trying. I think I’ll give it another shot when I get to accomplish make up school.
Til’ my next post ladies!
*Disclaimer: The first two photos posted are not mine but are from Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Facebook page.*

4 thoughts on “I am Benefit’s Guess Who Winner!

  1. Yeah, it's too expensive for me too thank god it was a prize hehe but when you see how much of the product it has, you'll realize that the price is reasonale 🙂 hopefully this year I can enroll na. Still saving up for the materials needed because when i inquired you'll be needing an extra 20k plus pa aside from the tuition so i gotta work for it pa hehe thanks shari! 🙂

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