Prom Look #1: The Punk Rock Princess

Smoky Black eyes and nude lips. My #1 choice!
Prom is just around the corner! I have so many regrets during my prom and make up is not an exception. I wish I knew better then! While my make up was okay (color wise), it didn’t last the whole night. I just had my make up done at a local parlor haha. Being the boyish kid at school, I cared less about those things so it didn’t really bothered me as to where I was having my make up done. Because of that, I am making a series of prom looks for the whole month of February (don’t mind the hair! I didn’t have time and the knowledge to fix it haha).
I’ll start with the punk rock look because that was my personality during High school. Just because your aiming for a rocker look, it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with the eyeliner. The best way to stick with the look and avoid looking too goth is to create black smoky eyes. 
For this look, I used colors that range from silver, gray and black to create a nice gradient effect. I only put a little amount of eyeliner just to make my eyes pop, and I mixed a bit of the silver eye shadow on the lower lids to make my eyes open more. One thing I regret during my prom was my brows. It is important to have neat brows and to shape it properly as they are the ones that frame your face. Your brows could make or break your make up. No matter how good your eye make up is, if your brows are not done nicely, your whole make up is next to nothing.
A bright pink lipstick for a more FUN look!

You can stick with the black smoky eyes, but you can wear your lips depending on how you want to be perceived. Normally, I would go for the nude lips (the first picture), it looks more intimate and simple. Really perfect for the prom perse. But if I am aiming for a more fun look, which will be perfect for the after party, bright pink lipstick would be a great bet!

You can change your lip color to Crimson for a BOLD look!
Red lips on the other hand looks really hot. I am not the kind who could pull it off. But if you really want to go for a bold look, then this color is a safe one. But I still prefer to have nano-existing make up when I wear red lipstick. Amazing how lipstick can change your look eh?
More importantly, make sure you use heavy duty make up for this big day, as your make up should last for hours of dancing the night away.
Here are the list of products I used for this look:
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NC30)
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC40)
  • L’oreal Base Magique Primer
  • The Balm’s Time Balm Concealer in Medium
  • Ever Bilena’s Concealer in Ivory
  • Ever Bilena’s Blush in Earth

  • BH Cosmetics 88 Color Neutral Palette
  • Profusion 77 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Pearl (for the Shimmery tones)
  • Maybelline’s Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara
  • Etude House’s Styling Eye Liner (in Black)
  • Eude House’s Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in #02 (not in photo)

  • Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm
  • Revlon Lipstick in Crimson (for the Red lips)
  • Wet n’ Wild Silkfinish lipstick in 511B Nouveau Pink
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda (for Nude lips). Although if you have a more long wearing nude lipstick, I suggest you pick that one up for this last for a few hours only.
So that’s it for now! Will be posting other prom looks too hope you’d be on the look out. This is my way of practicing around make up so please bear with my being amateur haha!
What were your regrets during your prom? 

January Haul: Etude House, Face Shop, Healthy Options and other Drugstorefinds

Hello everyone! I know, I have been missing in action for more than a week now. But, I’m happy to say that I am no longer a bum! Got a new job from a hospital, so technically, I was a bum for almost 3 weeks, just that short. I love my new job right now, my schedule just makes it easy for me to do a lot of things on the side like playing Ultimate Frisbee, going out with friends and my significant other, and of course, updating my blog. Unlike my first job, which was really time constraining, the schedule here is plain awesome – that is if you are on the medical field, but nothing beats having to work on office hours, I must say. I hardly had enough time to spare for myself on my previous job. So, I’m really happy and blessed to have a new job. Plus, I have interns too, which is fun because I used to be an intern myself way back, and now I feel much like an ate (older sister) to them.
Anyway, so much for updating you girls on what I’ve been up to. (As if you are interested haha! I know you are not haha) Okay, I’m just sharing my accumulated purchases last last week. Hope you girls tell me which one’s you want me to review first!
ETUDE HOUSE: Just got this Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Stick which costs around P428 ($9.00). I also bought this Easy Brow Pencil #2 which is around P128 ($2.00). My Drawing Pencil #2 (the retractable one) is always sold out and has little product in it which is why I thought of looking for a replacement that would give out similar results. Will be blogging a comparison soon. I got a free Pearl Extract Mask too!
THE FACE SHOP: This costs P495 for a 35ml product ($10.00). Normally BB creams would cost twice as much. I heard good reviews for this product and it is only one of the few BB creams that cater to dark skin.
HEALTHY OPTIONS: I have been on the look out for and Aloe Vera Gel which would help me create a home made primer and I found one at Healthy Options. This costs around P300 ($8.00) and I am loving it to bits as of the moment. The next one is Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner which is around P300+ ($8.00) for a 16 oz bottle – that’s alot of product and I think it will take me half a year until I finish it. My friend Yona of Your Makeup Call recommended this to me, she gave me a travel sized bottle to see if it works well. Mind you, I have really sensitive skin and so far, the only toner that worked well for me is the one that I get from the Derma, which is a task to buy since my dermatologist is in Pampanga and I am based in Manila. Halfway before I emptied the tiny bottle she gave, I headed to Healthy Options to purchase this biggie for myself. It really works wonders, I am really excited to review and show the before and after pictures to you girls! As you noticed, I have been going gaga over pore reducing products lately.
REVLON: These are gifts from my cousins. It was actually a part of a set and I’m happy they gave three shades to me.

WATSON’S: Here’s what I bought in this humble drug store. First is Jazzy’s Eyebrow Gel, a really good dupe of Mac Boy Girl. This costs P299 only! Really cheap! And you only need a tiny portion of this product to tint your brows well. I am eyeing a lot of Jazzy products right now, they seem to work well as heavy duty make up that  only costs a portion from the high end brands I know. I also bought a Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush which is less than P600 ($3.00). Bought random things too like this Celeteque Dermo Science Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash and this razor for shaping my brows from Fashion21.
LANDMARK: When I went to Landmark, I checked the Artist Studio Brushes that was available unfortunately, most of the big brushes were out of stock. I was left with these ones. Foundation brush ( 49.75), angled eye shadow brush (49.75) and a medium eye shadow brush (P79.75). So far, the foundation brush and medium eye shadow brush works well, the angled eye shadow brush sheds like crazy. I should have checked it before purchasing. 
SM DEPARTMENT STORE: I am really fond of organizing make up. One of my favorite places to shop for them is on the Office Supplies section of the Department Store. You might think: What the hell is that folder holder for? I will be using this one to hold my palettes! Good thing it only costs P149.75! I am really a cheapskate!
That’s all for now girls! I know it’s just a random haul, but I can’t post a haul with only a few products in it that’s why I just put all my purchases together from different stores to one post. 

Review: Tony Moly’s Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

Photo Credits from Tony Moly’s official site
Sleeping packs are all the rage on our neighboring Asian countries. Who wouldn’t be tempted to try them out? With our fast paced schedules, it’s hard to sit around for half an hour waiting for your mask to seep in your face or dry up. Using sleeping packs buy you extra time, because you apply it before you sleep and you wash it of the morning after. That easy! Not messy either!
Here’s the sample I got! 
This dual functional sleeping pack contains a wrinkle-improving functional ingredient of adenosine and  a skin whitening functional ingredient of arbutin. It makes dull, sagging, and wrinkled skin young and healthy.

How to use: After evening cleansing, apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture around the face and neck area and gently pat to absorb. This should be the last stage of skin care process. 

When I got this sample last year during my Korean Haul, I really didn’t know what it was for. I thought it was some thick mask that you put on while sleeping. (You can’t see whats inside because of the foil packaging) It was only until late December, when I rummaged through my make up and skin care loot, that I found two packs of these waiting to be used. Without researching, I opened one sample and applied it like moisturizer. The next day, my face broke out! It was too oily for my skin type – turns out I used the product in a wrong way. Thank goodness I researched after, giving it a second chance changed my thoughts about this product.
Turns out, you have to use your usual skincare routine first before putting this on – making sure that you put this one last. I used this for almost a month now, doing it twice a week, it did give changes on my face but it wasn’t abrupt. To be honest, this left my face oily in the morning which made me freak out again. But after cleansing my face, it gave out a very healthy glow. It really brightened my face! And it left it soft and smooth that I didn’t have to put moisturizer after. It also lightened my dark spots, especially under my eyes. Another thing is, it minimized my wrinkles, although I do not have a lot which is hard to see in the pictures, but it did lessen them. 
The product has adenosine, this is a compound that is naturally produced by the body and helps in the anti-aging process (anti-wrinkles) by increasing the levels of collagen. This helps reduce wrinkling of skin. On the other hand, arbutin, a skin whitening agent, it works as de-pigmenting the skin by preventing melanin build up.

Told you girls!  It really looks like moisturizer to me! 
CONSISTENCY: It has a thick consistency at first but changes upon spreading as it becomes lightweight (as if your spreading water). It reminds me so much of my Celeteque moisturizer in this aspect, only this looks a lot thicker. It is easily absorbed easily by my skin. And when I  spread it all over my face, it really gave my face the hydration it needs.
PRICE: I only got the sample for free. But a full size of this would cost around P700 or $16.00
AVAILABILITY: Sadly, it is not locally available at Tony Moly stores here in the Philippines. But they have other sleeping packs worth trying, you may check Tony Moly.
This is how it looks like when applied
  • It really made my face oily after using it which is a good and bad thing. I would suggest this to people who have dry – normal skin because I have a combination of dry and oily skin which may be another cause.
  • It opened up my pores on my first week of use. Because I used it everyday (when I shouldn’t have) This was easily remedied by washing your face right after you wake up.
  • It really brightened up my face. Also, it whitened my under eye circles, something the product didn’t claim, but worked for me.
  • It did a great job in minimizing my wrinkles.
  • It is a great hydrating and moisturizing product.
  • Saves up a lot of time compared to when you are using collagen masks and mud packs.

Oops!Sorry for breakouts! It brightened my face and lessened my wrinkles

OVERALL: This product will work well for older people and those who have dry skin. While it’s good at moisturizing, people who have the same skin type as mine do not need that much moisture since we produce natural oils (than usual) and it is enough to give the right kind of moisture in your face already. What I am impressed about is how it brightened my face after every use and it gave a healthy glow – not a pale one.

WILL I PURCHASE: Maybe. I am thinking of trying out other Sleeping Packs like the famous Laneige Water Sleeping pack. But Tony Moly’s sleeping pack is something I want my Mom to try because the brightening and anti-aging effect of this product is impressive! 
That is all for tonight ladies! Have you tried sleeping packs? I’d love to know about them!

Review: Nature Republic Extreme Black Hyper Eyeliner

Nature Republic Extreme Black Hyper Eyeliner
I have been on the look out for black liquid eyeliners that do not reflect light for the longest time already. I noticed how K-pop stars would have nicely lined eyes that are really pigmented – I really mean dark, carbon black lined eyes here. Oh! How I dreamed of that!
This was part of my Small Korean Haul last year. For those who are not familiar, Nature Republic is a brand based in Korea. It’s only now that I found out that it had stores here in the Philippines! (What kind of beauty blogger am I? I guess I need to stroll around other malls to keep myself updated). I admire the brand’s concept where in they keep in touch with Nature. I couldn’t say that they are an organic brand, no, I hope I don’t get you girls wrong. But they design products that contain different ingredients that are taken from natural resources around the world. Okay, ‘Nature’ becomes redundant by now! If you wanna find out more, here’s their official site: Nature Republic,
Now let us move on to the review!
This eyeliner expresses clean eye lines with a soft elastic fine brush. A carbon black pigment offers the most intense color. The direct charge method prevents the formula from drying out of clump. 
In terms of pigmentation, it is indeed INTENSE! I like how the brush is fine and pointed on the tip. It is easy for me to adjust my application (from thin to thick) with these kinds of eyeliner. The packaging is simple, and easy to bring during travels. Longevity wise, it stays for about 6-8 hours depending on your skin type. 
The tip of the pen – Still looking for a thinner tip
  • I love how pigmented this eyeliner is. I don’t have to swipe it on my lids for a number of times as it gives a good carbon black color. And yes! It does not reflect light! It is NOT one of those eyeliners that becomes blue on pictures once the camera flashes.
  • Waterproof! I showed a picture below showing how it still stayed on even if I ran water in it.
  • The brush is easy to work with, it is not too long and is firm enough which is a good thing for people who does not have much of  a steady hand like me.
  • They have braille on the packaging to help the blind shop! Its my first time to see something like that in cosmetics.
  • It works well for my oily lids.
  • Locally available – and can be bought online too!
  • It does not dry easily! It’s been 6 months and still, it hasn’t dried up!

Here’s the list of ingredients!
  • I did say that it is waterproof. But it smudges easily after I ran water on it. Other than that, I couldn’t think of any.

They have braille for the blind! How cool is that?!

PRICE: 10,000 Won (South Korean Currency), roughly around $9.00. I am not sure how much it costs here in the Philippines though. (I will update it once I get to visit the Nature Republic store here)

AVAILABILITY: Nature Republic has 4 stores here in the Philippines. You may find them at SM North Edsa – The Block, SM Fairview, SM Megamall and Festival Mall. You may also buy from them online. To know more about it and to keep yourselves updated, you may like their official facebook page.
This is how it looks like when swatched!

OVERALL: This is a great product considering it costs less than P500 if converted to our currency. I may not conclude this as my dream liner because I really want something that won’t smudge despite the constant rubbing between waterworks. But I tell you, in terms of pigmentation this eye liner is amazing! The brush tip is another plus for me too!

Waterproof? Not so much, it gets smudged after.. 
WILL I REPURCHASE? I actually have a back up of this eyeliner because this was bought in Korea and I didn’t know that there were Nature Republic stores here in the Philippines last year. Oh my! I should keep myself updated more often in the beauty scene!
So, that’s all for now girls! What’s your favorite eyeliner? I’d love to know about them too!

Review: Wet n’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Nouveau Pink (511B)

Not a big fan of their packaging.
I noticed that, more people read my reviews when they are short and in bullet form. So lets forget about why I wanted this lipstick since I saw Nicki Minaj sport a similar shade and lets move on to the review.
The actual color of the lipstick. Had to take this shot outside my window.
  • COLOR: Bright Pink with a hint of blue. It is a cool toned lipstick that compliments people with fair skin and even those who are tanned like mine.
  • CONSISTENCY: Very creamy, it applies smoothly on the lips. It is like applying lip balm, only to see your lips with a bright pop of pink color. It gives out an opaque color with a semi-glossy finish
  • FORMULA: It has vitamin A and E which explains how smoothly it applies and why it doesn’t dry out your lips like other lipsticks.
  • COLOR PAY-OFF: Very pigmented. It was the most pigmeneted of all the Silk finish lipsticks that I swatched from Wet n Wild.
  • LONGEVITY: Lasts for 4 hours tops. You have to reapply when you eat or drink often too.

  • PACKAGING: It is no fuss, and really simple. It is encased on a silver tube with Wet n Wild written all over enclosed with a clear cap. The problem with this is that, a portion of the lipstick is protruded which can create a mess if you don’t close it carefully. But the clear cap helps you see the shade quickly without having to open the cap.
  • WEIGHT: 3.6 grams or 0.13 oz
  • PRICE: P135 each or P490 for four (You get to save P50 here! That’s about P122.50 each)
  • AVAILABILITY: Womanity (Just click it! It would direct you to their FB page)  is an online shop at Facebook who sells cheaper Wet n Wild products. They also have MAC lipsticks which I am eyeing right now and NYX products as well. They have the cheapest Wet n Wild lippies among all the online stores that I’ve come upon.
This is how it looks like when swatched.


  • Like what I said earlier, the packaging is a big downer for me because the product is protruded, hence, the possibility of smashing it by accident. But, who am I to complain? The product still delivers well despite the faulty packaging and the cheap price tag.
  • Longevity. It lasts for 4 hours (tops) You have to reapply every so often when you have to drink and eat.
  • The price! It is really cheap, considering how great this lipstick looks like when applied.
  • It doesn’t dry my lips and it applies smoothly you don’t have to buff and prep you lips before swiping this lipstick on.
  • It is really pigmented! It still covers my dark ‘in-born’ lip liner.Yeah, I have discolored lips, I look like I’m wearing a lip liner that doesn’t match my lip color and I had it since forever. That’s the reason why I get a hard time choosing lipsticks that work well for me.
  • It brightens up my face! Being on the dark side (complexion wise) bright colors hardly go well with me but this shade is an exception to the rule. (Thank you Nicki Minaj for making me realize that!)
OVERALL RATING: I give it a 4 out of 5. It may not last long but for the price, this product really delivers well!

I think that’s all for now. This is how it actually looks like on my lips. Never mind my open pores, I am currently working on that one out since the holidays made my face break out. πŸ˜‰

This is how it looks on my lips. It brightens up my face! (No flash)
What’s your favorite pink lipstick? Hope you can share yours too!

I am Benefit’s Guess Who Winner!

They say good things come when you least expect it. I’m more of a person who believes in the Law of Attraction, so when I want something badly, I expect for good results already and they happen. This incident might change my mind though.

A few months back, I was browsing my news feed at Facebook and I saw this contest from Benefit Philippines. You have to guess a certain celebrity (whose faces are covered) on the pictures that they posted. Bored as I was at work, I tried my luck in guessing up to the last picture that they posted:

I was sure to myself that it was Bianca Valerio! With those long legs and ombre’ hair, it’s not hard to miss out on that one. Okay, it was hard, I am just a fan I guess! Haha! She’s one of the local make up artists I look up to that was why it wasn’t hard for me to guess this one. (PS. All my guesses to the other celebrities were all wrong! I just got lucky!)
I wasn’t expecting anything after this one. I enjoyed the guessing game so much that I forgot it was a contest. A few weeks after, they posted the winners and boy was I sooooo SHOCKED to see my name on it! By the power of random selection and correct guessing I was chosen! As the saying goes – “Great things DO come when you least expect it”.
The moment I got back to Manila, I hurriedly went to their main office to claim my prize, which is a full sized BATHINA!
I’ve always wanted to have one! Thank you Benefit Philippines!! I would also like to give special thanks to Ms. Paula Arevalo of Benefit Philippines for arranging this giveaway. You don’t know how much it shook up my holiday (in a good way of course!). I am terribly sorry for not being able to thank you personally, but really this made me happy! And thank you so much for this one!
I’ll be doing a review of this soon, I hope you girls would wait for it. For the mean time, you could read my post about how to spot a fake coralista box o’ powder. A bit lengthy, but it is worth a read because there are so many fake Benefit products out there who claim to be authentic. My two cents for you girls is to buy from Benefit boutiques, here is a list of their stores here in the Philippines:
– Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati
– Rustan’s Shang-rila
– Rustan’s Makati
You may also like their facebook page: Benefit Cosmetics Philippines for updates. I am sure, they have more giveaways in store for you girls!
I really dream of working in here. I am even willing to trade my geeky job for make up! Haha! I did try my luck by joining their internship contest but I didn’t got in and I also wasn’t able to send my CV and schedule, so it was really a big miss. Boo me! But hey that won’t stop me from trying. I think I’ll give it another shot when I get to accomplish make up school.
Til’ my next post ladies!
*Disclaimer: The first two photos posted are not mine but are from Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Facebook page.*

Haul-iday! Gifts and Purchases during the Holiday!

Hello everyone! I’ve been on a make up ban for a few months already. Although I broke a promise to myself when I had a chance to shop during my Beauty Credit Haul, I still give myself a pat in the back for not buying anything for almost 3 months! Besides, the Beauty Credit haul was such a steal, it would be too much of a shame to let it pass.
The Holidays has been good to me though. I didn’t expect I would receive a nice amount of makeup – let alone any kind of gift during the season! To be honest, I’m the kid who rarely opens a gift under the Christmas tree when the clock strikes twelve midnight. I would get one to three gifts a year but usually, I don’t get to open any. Okay, let’s put my sob story behind! Haha!
Moving on to my haul… These are just accumulated gifts and purchases that I got last month. Most of them are gifts, so I couldn’t really say its a haul – but – I don’t know how to name it, so let us just call it a haul shall we?

First is MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC40) which was given by my sister! Weeee! This will be the perfect match for my MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation! Can’t wait to use it!
Next would be the lippies! I’ve been meaning to buy lipsticks because I only own eight. I just mix the colors most of the time to get the shade that I want. Good things come to those who wait eh? I got four to add up to my collection. 
The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Pearl) was a gift from my Aunt during our Kris Kringle. She also added a L’oreal Base Magique primer. Lucky me! Next was a gift from my colleague, a MAC frost lipstick in the shade Foil. This is my first ever MAC lippie! Next is Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstick inToffee cream, another gift from my sister! And the only thing that I bought out of the four lipsticks – Wet n’ Wild in Nouveau Pink.
As I’ve said earlier, I got this from our Kris Kringle. I planned on buying one before the year ended good thing I did not! When I tried this on the counter months ago I really wanted to have it because it left my face velvety – but being the cheap person that I am, I refrained from buying it. I am really happy that I got one now. Thank you fairy-god Aunt!
Before you say: “I thought you were on a make up ban?!!”, let me explain first why I need these two. My Dove Makeup remover is almost running out and my two other removers gets a little stingy on my eyes when I use them. So, I think I really need to purchase and try a new one. The Nu-pore make up remover (cleansing wipes) cost less than $2.00, while the Jergens’ All Purpose Face Cream was around $5.00. Both were purchased at Puregold Subic Bay Freeport Zone. I think you’ll find one at Duty Free or S&R. 
Lastly, I got a Dream Bery Burst Moisturizing Lotion from Bench and Lavender Bath Salts. Both were gifts from my colleagues.
I can’t wait to try out these products and share it to you girls. One of my resolutions this year is to post more in this blog. I haven’t been active at blogging when I started out last year. I want to make it better this year so expect some reviews on the days to come!