Halloween VOTD: Cruella de Vil

VOTD : Villain of the Day!!! Because Halloween is just around the corner!!

I thought of doing Villain portrayals last night.. I hope I can post every day until Halloween. Wish me luck..and free time for that!

We will be having Cruella de Vil for tonight. She is a fictional character from “101 Dalmatians” and plays as the villain who keeps stealing the puppies for their fur.

I hope I give justice to the cartoon. Hehe please don’t hate! :)) I originally intended to glue my eyebrows to make it easier to conceal. But I do not have a washable one at the moment. Since i am itching to do this make up look, i decided to continue without it. That explains the messy eyebrows. You will notice alot of improvised things here. I used my suesh brush as a cigarette, and wrapped my sweater because that’s the closest I got in my closet that would give that Cruela look.

What I did for this one was just conceal and set my face with baby powder. I made sure to hide my eyebrows and made a higher arc – reaching my forehead. I did alot of contouring since Cruela has a prominent jaw line and pointy nose. For the lips, I simply lined it and swiped on deep red matte liptick.


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