Shu Uemura’s Opening at Trinoma

I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA!! These photos are from my Ipod. And they are just few 😦 I was running from one errand after another before I dropped by at Shu Uemura’s opening. I was there around 10:30.. Even if I was busy, I still came early haha so much for being excited!

During the event, I also saw a friend whom I haven’t seen for like 5 years already. Catching up with her while testing make up, I failed to take pictures even more! Haha

Too bad, I was the 11th buyer! They give out a bag of freebies for the first 10 buyers.. But that’s fine with me cause all items are 20% less (except for the color atelier and the 24k gold eyelash curler) They were still able to squeeze a few testers on my bag so GOOD JOB SHU!! (I am such a sucker for freebies!)

Honestly, it’s my first time to be on a make up event.. and I enjoyed it! From the ribbon cutting to the make up testing! Don’t you just love those me time’s with the make up counter? And aside from meeting an old friend, I also made new ones too!

(Check Mazaira-zhi’s blog for a better view of how Shu Uemura opened it’s doors here in Trinoma: )
If I could stay there all day, test all the make up they have and erase it, (because I also love the cleanser!) I would! But I had other things to do too. 😦

So after testing several products…I realized that these were the ones I needed most! And it all went down with these two!

Went home with these goodies. The other bag is for a friend πŸ™‚
Here are my new babies!!
Silver: P1095 Gold: P1400 (The silver was 20% less!So thats P876)
Made sure I left a note for them! πŸ™‚

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