How to: Massage Your Face (The Muji way)

Facial massages are very beneficial. They improve blood circulation, tones down skin, releases toxins, enlivens your complexion, opens pores (thus, dirt that is clogged can be removed easily), lessens wrinkles and gives a smoother and supple skin. Another good thing about it, is that, it is all natural – no injections, no medications etc.

These pictures are from a brochure that Muji (That Japanese  retail store that sells furniture to note pads) gives out and I found them very helpful and interesting – I couldn’t help but share!

****Treat your skin with a special facial massage every now and then. On a clean and clear skin, apply Moisturizing Lotion, Cream, Massage Oils for a good facial massage. Massage before putting on your makeup or before bedtime.
1. NECK – Use palms of your hands and massage with upward motions from top to bottom to stretch out the wrinkles from your neck.

2. CHEEKS – In soft circular motions, massage your cheeks starting from your chin. Press your temples gently to finish off.

 3. AROUND THE MOUTH AND NOSE – Use the fingertips to do slow lifts on the size of your nose and around your mouth. Go from top to bottom for the outer nose line.

4. AROUND THE EYE –  Create small circular motions going around the eye area. Press the bottom eye brow point  them   your temples at the very end.

5. CORNER OF THE EYES – Do an up-down motion alternately.
6. FOREHEAD – Start from the center of your forehead down to the outer eye area, sides of your head.

7. FACE – From the center of your face to the outer portions, imagine making a line while pressing your skin gently. Press in the 3 points on your face.

8. FACE LINE – Use the back of your fingers and lightly tap the faceline points.

9. NECK – Start from the bottom of the ears to the collarbone to the end of the shoulders. Imagine moving gently along this line.

(The pictures and caption of this entry is borrowed from Muji. To check out their products and find out other useful tips, find them on facebook: or follow them on twitter:

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