"My Favorite Tints"

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite TINTS”

I am trying my best to sing like Maria of the Sound of Musice there. Okay! So, I will be writing about my favorite TINTS! I am a fan of cheek tints/stains for a lot of reasons and here are some of them:

1. They give you that natural flushed look.
2. I usually have allergies that cause tiny red blotches on my cheeks and these stains blend well with it.
3. They last more than powdered or cream blushes.
4. I love the outdoors and these products don’t wear down even if I get all sweaty from running and playing my sport.

My top four: 1. benetint 2. the body shop 3. tarte (flush) 4. ellana (amethyst)

TOP 4: Ellana lip/cheek stain
This is a local brand which can only be bought on bazaars (if your lucky) or online: http://www.ellanaminerals.com , they also have little stalls near SM Supermarket (Marikina and Megamall) during the weekends. One thing I like about this (compared with the next stains that will be mentioned) is how blendable (if there is such word) it is. It has a gel like consistency which does not dry out quickly compared to others. It comes in a pump bottle which is good for my OC-ness (obsessive compulsiveness) when it comes to make up. You just need one dot, like a pin’s head and that would last for long. One great thing about this product is, it come’s close to how long my TOP 1 stays on the cheeks. And it’s very cheap too! A10:1 ratio of this vs. my top tint in terms of how much it costs. I find this too red on the cheeks though. Not as natural as the one’s I will mention later. But if you master the art of applying cheek tints, you’ll get by with this one. One thing I noticed, it leaves a few blotches the longer it stays on your cheeks.  (Or could it be because of my allergies)

Price: P 180.00 around $4.00 only
Weight: 20ml

The Good:
– It is very cheap!
– It has aloe vera extract which moisturizes your cheeks rather than just prettifying it alone.
– It is easy to blend and it does not dry quickly
– HYPOALLERGENIC! This product is good for those with sensitive skin as some find cheek stains too harsh. Most of the cheek stains I know contain alcohol. (Phenoxyethanol)

The Bad:
– I find it hard to control the pump bottle. I always over-pump it leaving a lot of the stain to waste.
– The packaging does not come with a cap, you only twist the pump to the right to lock it. I experienced a number of pump spills in my make up purse since I forget to twist it all the time.

TOP 3: Tarte in Flush
If only I don’t possess oily skin, this might be on the 2nd spot. This comes in a fat lip gloss like case. It has a citrus smell which makes it addicting while applying on the face. This has the best scent in my opinion as compared to my other 3 favorites. It’s good for traveling since it has a balm like consistency = NO SPILLS. But since it’s always humid here in the Philippines, this doesn’t work well all the time. I use it during the “ber” months where it’s cold and the skin is dryer than the usual. The application can get quite messy. You can use a sponge, or apply it directly but I prefer using my finger tips and swiping it on the cheeks. Sponges absorb a lot of the product and I’m very frugal when it comes to my make up (HAHA!) At first the product comes out oily, but let it dry for a few minutes and it will blend along with your skin. It is tricky though!

I find the color too light, it takes around 4-5 swipes just to achieve a noticeable flush. This would work well with lighter skin tones.

Price: $30.00
Weight: 28.4g

The Good:
– My favorite scent is in this little package and it (the scent) lasts a little longer.
– Like my 4th favorite, it blends easily due to its balm like consistency.
– It contains a lot of product in it. It goes a long way.

The Bad:
– It requires a lot of application for girls with a dark skin tone like me.
– The balm forms small residues upon application.
– Too expensive, considering the number of times you have to apply the product just to get the certain flush you want.
– It does not double as a lip stain.
– I get a hard time with it’s push up packaging. I wish they produce a twist up package like the sample sizes.

TOP 2: Lip and Cheek Stain by The Body Shop
Apologies for my bad copy of this product. As you can see from the 1st picture, there is almost nothing left in this tiny tube. This is my 6th or 7th tube, and it was the third cheek stain that I discovered. (The first two didn’t make it to the cut to be included in this entry) I used this almost every day, during the first half of my college years. Thank God for the store’s frequent sales – it was only during those times that I get to purchase and re-purchase one. ( I never bought them on it’s original price haha). It comes in a shade lighter than my #1 tint!! This stays longer than Tarte’s Flush but shorter than Ellana and Benetint. I love how compact this is and how easy it is to apply. You can do it on the go. Spills don’t occur that much since, the tube has a rubber stopper on the opening. This is the lightest (in terms of weight) among the three. But it comes closest to the color of my Top 1. Like Tarte, it takes around 4 applications to get the color you desire. It’s more viscous than Benetint but not as close as compared to Ellana.

Price: P795.00 around &19.00
Weight: 8ml

The Good:
– It’s tiny enough to fit in your pocket/purse.
– It goes with an applicator that makes swiping easy.
– It doubles as a lip stain.

The Bad:
– It doesn’t last that long. It stays around 4-5 hours and the product won’t be visible in the cheeks any longer.
– It doesn’t smell as good as my top 3 and 1.
– For some reason, it hurts when I use this as a lip stain. And it dries my lips so much. Even if I layer it with lip balm or lip gloss.

TOP 1: Benetint by benefit
This by far is my favorite! It gives out a sheer rose shade on the cheeks, and true enough, (as it’s packaging say’s) it is the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle. Among the 4 of the product’s I posted  this stays on the longest. It is made of carmine rose petals, and that explains the sweet odor it expels.

To give you a little history, Benetint was the first product of Benefit created around 1976 by Jean and Jane Ford. It is famously known as the “nipple tint” because the product was originally made for an exotic dancer who was in need of one. So that explains why the bottle say’s: “Innocent yet ‘provocative’, our rose tinted cheek stain is see through color that ‘endures it all… even in the thralls of passion’.” (Funny transition from nipple to cheek stain right?)

Price: $29.00 but it is around P1800 here in the Philippines
Weight: 12.5 ml

The Good:
– It stays longer than the rest of the tints I know and it stays on for a good 7 – 9 hours for me.
– It has a very nice smell (although this might appall others who prefer unscented cosmetics)
– It doesn’t fade out easily on water or even SWEAT.
– It suits all skin types and tones.
– It doubles as a lip stain too (although I hardly use it as one)

The Bad:
– The packaging is too plain, considering the fact that it costs almost $30.
– Also, still under the packaging area – it is more prone to spills. I don’t get to bring this with me during travels =( Although Benefit released a “pocket pal” edition, I find it too impractical to purchase one.
– And another one, still from the packaging – the little brush that comes with it does not reach the bottom of the bottle. And, since you dip and use the brush and dip it back when you close it, it makes it prone to the spread of certain strains of bacteria which in turn diminishes the shelf life of the product.
– I find it too expensive. It cost’s as much as 3 tints from The Body Shop or 10 bottles of Ellana. I have dark skin, and I put around 3 – 5 swipes just to achieve the color I want, so this 12.5 ml bottle would be gone in  a couple of months if I use it every day.

Swatches (from top – bottom) 1.Benetint 2.The Body shop 3. Tarte 4. Ellana
Swatches w/ flash (L-R) Benetint, the Body Shop, Tarte, Ellana


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