My first traincase!

After finishing my boards (which was around the first week of March) I couldn’t contain myself from thoughts on make up and doing it for others. I am only self taught, and while I save up for a professional make up school, I work as a part time Clinical Lab Scientist (I am not looking for a permanent job yet since I’m booked for a vacation in Korea) and I do little make up gigs as well.

It came timely that a friend asked me to do her make up for a Rajo Laurel fashion show. We also had a wedding to attend to the following week so the need for proper make up storage came in mind. Keeping all my make up on separate “TUPPERWARES” gave myself the thought of buying my own traincase.

I started looking around Trinoma and none of what I saw allowed my little budget to purchase one. So, I went home and did a little research and found a train case mecca at – where else but the very busy QUIAPO! The store had a catalog with lots of train cases – yes! even the one’s with LED bulbs. I gave myself a P2500 budget for this search only to find out that the cheapest traincase they had costs less than P2000.

The big stall contained other make up tools like sponges, false eye lashes, make up palettes and the like. They also had tons of hair products. (The sales lady told me that they supply products for a popular salon chain here in the Philippines).

Okay! So back to the traincase.

Dimensions: 260x160x175 (mm)

– The casing is sturdy and hard.
– The layers come with a plastic covering, which allows easy clean ups in case of minor spills.
– The interior is covered with an all black cloth and the stitching is nicely done.
– It has 4 layers, you don’t really have to put dividers on it.
– It come’s with a lock.
– It’s VERY CHEAP! People online sell it around 2500, but I got it for a lesser value!

– It’s heavy. Add your make up and it becomes a burden to carry. For people who are not blessed with a healthy spine (like me), I suggest you buy one with a trolley. But then again, I only have a thin collection of make up so this will do – for NOW =)
– The trays are too thin, bulky make up (like those bases on bottles) wouldn’t fit.
– The bottom tray could only fit around 4-5 palettes only.

– It’s a good start up train case. I even brought my friend after a couple of days and she purchased one too. If your on a very tight budget like me, this will be sturdy enough to help you on your make up gigs but kind for your budget as well. It may not fit you’re entire make up collection but it is enough to accommodate the one’s you’ll be needing for a decent make over.


2 thoughts on “My first traincase!

    • You can buy it at quiapo I forgot the stall number but it’s the one near the church 2nd floor then turn right and you’ll see the stall in the end. I’m selling my other traincase that’s slightly bigger than this one and more sturdy, you might want to buy it πŸ™‚

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