HOW I: Clean my false eyelashes

False Eyelashes add length and volume to your natural lashes without having to use clumpy-hard-to-remove mascara. At the same time, these items should be cleaned and stored properly after every use since, the lash glue and make up debris can turn it into a breeding ground for bacteria.

What you need:
Make up remover (Koh Gen Do)
Clean Mascara Wand/brush
Paper Towel/ Tissue
Tweezers (Marionaud)
Eyelash Curler (Forever 21)
Cotton swab

Step 1:  Using a  cotton swab dipped with make up remover loosen the make up debris and lash glue that was clumped on your falsies (See how dirty these lashes get?)
Step 2: With the aid of tweezers, pull out carefully the excess glue that cannot be removed by the first step.
Step 3: Dip your falsies in alcohol and brush it with a clean mascara wand to loosen more dirt and excess make up and glue.
Step 4: Curl it back in shape and place it back to it’s container.
There you have it! Clean falsies in less than 10 minutes! See the difference?
I’d love to hear how you clean your falsies just comment away. I hope this helped!


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